Riser recliner? Here’s the toilet equivalent…


One of the most common areas where people need help is to get on and off the toilet. Often, a means of support eg a grab rail is not adequate: the person has trouble with upper or lower body strength.


There is a solution, that obviates the need to physically ensure another person around to help…


Closomat’s Aerolet toilet lifter is in essence the WC equivalent of a riser recliner chair. Fitted over the WC, the unit replicates the natural motion of sitting down and standing up. It automatically and smoothly lowers the user over and onto the toilet and then raises them to standing, whilst ensuring their centre of gravity and thus balance remains stable. It is all controlled by the push of a button via integral arm supports, which simultaneously provide additional bracing as the resident transfers from wheelchair or frame to the toilet.


The Aerolet thus eliminates the requirement for a carer to attend just to support that ADL (activity of daily living). It also eliminates exposure to risk of injury during the transfer process, for both the carer and client.


Fibromyalgia and arthritis sufferer Rob Cain summarises the benefits: “I’ve not fallen once when going to the toilet since I’ve had the Closomat kit. Now I can go to the toilet safely, with dignity. The psychological impact on my mental health is amazing! And it’s given my family peace of mind that I can ‘go’, safely, even when on my own.”


Closomat’s Aerolet is unique in that it is available in both tilting and vertical lift options. The vertical version is best suited for people with limited lower body and limb strength, whereas the tilt suits people with control over their legs but limited upper body and limb strength.


Closomat provides a range of options in both variants, for both conventional WCs and Closomat shower toilets, for small and large spaces, as static or mobile units.


The Aerolet is part of Closomat’s brand-leading range of bathroom & toilet technology that is already enabling tens of thousands of people to live independently, in their own home, without care support.


It is complimented by the Vita range of wash & dry (bidet) toilets, height-adjustable basins, changing benches, hoists, and body driers- which help create a stylish yet accessible bathroom or toilet, that can be easily and cost-effectively adapted to accommodate changing user requirements..


Closomat further provides the most comprehensive sales and after-sales support available in-house, including site survey, CAD blocks, technical and white papers for download, installation, commissioning, and repair & maintenance. The range of Closomat products is detailed on the company’s website www.clos-o-mat.com, so specifiers and users can easily see the solutions, watch videos on how the equipment works, and find out how other users have benefitted.


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