Hartford Care homes participate in Dignity Action Day


The Hartford Care family of 14 care homes gladly participated in Dignity Action Day on Friday 1st February.

The annual day is an opportunity for our teams of health and social care workers, staff and relatives to uphold people’s rights to dignity and provide a truly memorable day for people who in care.

What do we mean by “Dignity”? While it may be difficult to define, what is clear is that people know when they have been treated with dignity and respect. At Hartford Care that means privacy, personalised care, information, choice and Independence as we listen to our residents to support their wishes.

Hartford Care is an award-winning provider of care and support for older people and those living with Dementia, offering permanent, respite and day-care services.

As a family-owned business that has been established for over a century, we have respect for our residents’ privacy, dignity and the way we work allows us to deliver quality care.

Dignity Action Day also allows us to do something that comes naturally to us – ‘have fun’ and our care homes celebrated ‘Dignity Action Day’ in various ways:

West Cliff Hall, Southampton: 
• Our residents enjoyed a Golf themed afternoon and played a round of DigniTee Golf with all of the props and holes made by the staff and residents at West Cliff Hall. The friendly and helpful staff also helped the residents to create a DigniTree with questions for our staff to think ‘what does dignity mean’ and this sparked a discussion within the group.

Malden House, Sidmouth:
• A special social breakfast took place so our residents and staff could sit and spend time together in the welcoming home. To make the day even more special our female residents chose to enjoy an afternoon pampering session with face masks and a visit from our hairdresser Mel. This was followed by high tea. Meanwhile our gentlemen, chose to watch a movie; The Big Country with Gregory Peck while sipping lager – a great way to spend a Snowy Friday!

Bethel House, Barton on Sea:
• The residents cut out pieces of paper to make 50 leaves for the ‘Digni-Tree which represent all of the different aspects of Dignity. In the afternoon a word quiz session took place to discuss what dignity is and how we demonstrate it in the care home environment. The residents had some AMAZING ideas and they felt empowered by the interactive tasks.

The Laurels & Pine Lodge, Poole:
• Dignity Action Day was the perfect chance for decorating a coffee cake. The residents gently used the icing bag to patiently decorate the cake in a beautiful pattern and it was served and enjoyed by the whole care home.

Stokeleigh, Bristol:
• The Stoke Bishop care home provided a Pamper day for the residents for some indulgent self-care. Some residents participated in a creative task to create dignity flowers from brightly coloured paper that include key messages about dignity. The flowers are decorating the communal lounge areas around the cosy care home.

Listening to our residents and supporting their wishes helps us to make a positive difference to their lives so we can enhance feelings of wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem.


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