A Christmas thank you to those who make a difference


As we wind down to Christmas and the party season, it’s time to look at the hard work delivered by care staff in care homes and home care across the UK.

Twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year care staff turn up to deliver care. Through fog, sleet, heavy rain and deep snow, to ensure that the most vulnerable in society are looked after, cared for, entertained and fed.

It is an enormous responsibility and one that everyone of should raise a glass to, to say thank you.

These people often go unrewarded, on minimum pay, caring for people whose needs are great and unrelenting.

So when you pour that glass of fizz raise a glass to those people will be working through the holidays; to those who constantly give love and care, a massive thank you- you do make a difference.

Another massive thank you to all those who have supported and shared the news from Care Industry News, it is much appreciated! Keep sending your news stories in, it is imperative that we continue to talk about the good stories in social care.

Best wishes for the season and a peaceful 2019.



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