Catch that pigeon now!


A Lancashire Care Home has reunited a lost racing pigeon with its owners, after finding out that it was released over 250 miles away in Portsmouth. 


Stocks Hall Care Home, in the delightful rural village of Mawdesley in Lancashire, welcomed an unexpected visitor of the feathered kind. 


Home Manager, Faye Cooper says “A pigeon was spotted walking around the Sensory Gardens of the Home, spending time at the bird feeders dotted around.”


On closer inspection it was found to be a racing pigeon.


Using the number on the birds leg ring, the discovery was logged on the Royal Pigeon Racing Association website.


Faye continues “In the meantime, Sharon, one of our Nurses here at the Home, took the exhausted pigeon home to care for it, while we waited for a response.”

“We were contacted by the owners, who live in Stoke on Trent, and informed that the pigeon had been released from Portsmouth, over 250 miles away.”


A special pigeon courier arrived this morning to take the lost bird back home.


Faye Says “We are always delighted to welcome visitors for short stays at the Home, our feathered friend was no different and we trust that he enjoyed his brief stay in the gardens of our beautiful Home.”


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