Mossley care home residents dance the afternoon away!


HC-One’s Sandon House in Mossley recently danced the afternoon away, when Glenn’s Girls came to sing their rock & roll hits.


They sang an array of songs in their rock and roll red spotted dresses, which the residents & staff sang along to.


During the show, the girls got 3 members of staff up to perform a dance sequence to Shake, Rattle & Roll.


The staff had a great time along with the residents.


Even visitors got caught up in the act! 


The girls interacted with the audience entertaining them with them flashing hats to wear whilst making encouraging them to get involved and sing along. 


The Glenn’s Girls have previously worked as wellbeing coordinators so know how important it is to keep the residents engaged.   


Louise Schofield the wellbeing coordinator at Sandon House said “ The girls were absolutely fantastic! The interaction they have with the residents is amazing.”


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