Extra care residents commemorate Remembrance Day


Almost 100 years on since marking the end of the Great War, residents at an Extra Care Housing estate in Stifford Clays, Essex have welcomed a new colourful display to help commemorate Remembrance Day.

Thurrock residents never forget with new decorative display


The display, which has been made for older residents at Hanover Housing Association’s Elizabeth Gardens development, is thanks to the efforts of housing professional Lucy Gooch who was inspired by the highly popular ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ art installation at the Tower of London.


Lucy said: ‘Last year we received lots of poppies from the local Royal British Legion representative after the Remembrance Sunday events had taken place. They were destined to be destroyed, but I thought that we’d actually be able to use them to create our own special tribute for the residents. What we have now is something that helps commemorate all those who have died serving their country since the outbreak of World War I.’


Residents attending the unveiling of the new display included 96-year-old Daphne Wilson and 90-year-old Joyce Frame. During the Second World War, Daphne worked in a munitions factory in Hertfordshire, while Joyce was one of the Land Girls, serving in the Women’s Land Army and carrying out agricultural work such as milking cows and picking fruit, as many farmers had been called up to the military. Both women are very passionate about Remembrance Day and are proud of the role they played in supporting the war effort, with Joyce fondly recalling that she liked to sing while she was marching, something that would often get her into trouble with her sergeant.


Joyce said: ‘I think the display Lucy has done is a perfect tribute. I am very proud that we are continuing to remember those who lost their lives.’



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