Extra social care funding from Government is not reaching the front line


Providers understand the pressure that local authorities and CCGs are under, but as ADASS’ Budget Survey demonstrates, continued provider attrition threatens the capacity and ongoing quality care for people now and in the future.  As a representative body for independent providers of adult social care, across older people, people with learning or physical disabilities and mental health, Care England believes that Government policy needs to shift urgently to ensure that the post Brexit system is fit for purpose and provides what citizens really need and want.


Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England says:

ADASS’s Budget Survey echoes what our members have been telling us, the extra funding from Government is not reaching the front line. Without this funding combined with a long term commitment from the Government the social care sector, for adults and older people, will simply combust. Commissioners and providers need to sit down together to discuss the sufficiency of an individual’s care package, rather than this being set as part of an arbitrary standard price”.


The value of high quality independent care services needs to be understood by all politicians, not just service users and their families.  Councils simply will not be able to cope with the rising demand for social care unless a viable solution is provided by Government. 


Martin Green continues:

The country needs clarity on social care and cannot afford to wait for more commissions, inquiries or Green Papers. The care crisis is happening now.  We need a long term vision built on the previous reports commissioned by Government. Such a vision needs to be lead by a Ministerial team that is equivalent in status to those that look after the NHS and thus provide more clarity about the partnership between the state and the individual in terms of funding”.



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