Wellbeing from the bottom up….!


More people in Britain suffer from faecal incontinence than suffer from asthma or diabetes!*


Any bowel issue is rarely discussed, but it has huge consequences in terms of health, hygiene and wellbeing. New developments in assistive technology are enabling sufferers to deal with at least some of the consequences in a dignified, sanitary way.


Clos-o-Mat’s new range of Vita bidet toilets, with their built-in douching and drying, deliver the best performance available. When triggered, the toilet simultaneously flushes and begins the warm water cleaning process, automatically followed by warm air drying.


As a result, any soiling is efficiently and consistently washed away, and the user’s bottom is left clean and dry without any need to use manually wipe with toilet tissue.


Risk of faeces left in skin contact and potential for skin irritation through excessive rubbing with tissue is removed. The potential for cross contamination through hand:body contact is reduced, even eliminated.


Pensioner Eric Greenhalgh sums it up: “I am a new man! I don’t know I have a bottom now! I now qualify as a human being, totally in charge of my own rectum. I am gratified beyond belief at the difference it has made,” he says. “And my wife has a better quality of life too, as she doesn’t have to wipe me whenever I need the toilet, day or night. She can cope better with caring for me in the day as she now gets a full night’s sleep, instead of having to help me toilet in the night.”


Adds Dr Ken Townend, who also has bowel issues, “With the Clos-o-Mat, I just press the button and off we go! I get far fewer sore bums, which I used to get all the time even though I used the softest toilet paper or even wipes. And I am confident that I am clean, which didn’t happen before.”


The new-look Clos-o-Mat Vita range now includes options to suit every style and user preference. The brand-leading Palma Vita is the UK’s biggest-selling automatic toilet. The Lima Vita is the wall-hung version, whilst the Lima Lifter brings full height-adjustability.


Family-owned Clos-o-Mat is the only wash & dry toilet provider in the country that is British-based, and has been since its foundation over half a century ago. It is also the only company in the sector that has its own team of service engineers. The network covers the whole country, giving a local, personal touch from initial commissioning to annual servicing, or retro-fitting of accessories to ensure the toilet adapts with changing user requirements.


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