New leadership appointments for Four Seasons Health Care


Four Seasons Health Care has announced new leadership appointments and they are all promotions of people in the business.

Amanda Cunningham has been appointed as Care Services Director, responsible for continuing improvement of care quality, safety, clinical standards and the resident experience.

She was previously Managing Director for the North East England Region. Amanda joined the business in 2011 as a Home Manager and progressed through being a Regional Manager and Regional Director of Operations before becoming a Regional Managing Director.

Her appointment will enable Dr.Claire Royston, Group Medical Director, to focus on critical strategic projects that she is leading including the recently announced new generation of dementia care, called The Dementia Care Framework and the development and introduction of new care services, as well as continuing to oversee management of any issues in care delivery.

The new Managing Director for the North East England Region is Marjorie Condacos. She was previously Regional Manager in the North East, working as a member of Amanda’s team there. She joined Four Seasons in 1995 as a Registered Nurse and has progressed through being a Home Manager and Regional Manager.

Marjorie will take up her post in the North East later in the summer. In the meantime, Jacky Reed will act as Interim Managing Director for North East England.  Jacky has most recently been Regional Manager for Newcastle and North Tyneside and previously was a Care Home Manager.

Tim Hammond, Chief Executive, said: “I am delighted that these new leadership appointments are promotions within Four Seasons. It’s our policy to support our people to develop and advance in their careers but our first consideration is to appoint the best person for the job so we looked at external candidates and it is exciting and gratifying that we came to the conclusion we had the best talent already in the business. I congratulate all of them on promotions that are well deserved.”

John Kirk, who is already Managing Director for Scotland and Wales, has his region extended to include the South West. John joined the business in 2014 as Regional Director of Operations for Scotland.


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