Dare devil care home staff ziplines for MND Scotland


A daring staff member from a Glasgow care home and her sister have ziplined across the River Clyde in a brave bid to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease.

Geared up in harnesses and helmets, Heather Graham, from Bupa’s Wyndford Locks Care Home, and sister Nicola, were raised 150ft in the air, to the top of Glasgow’s Finneston Crane then glided over the Scottish river.

The Graham sisters were inspired to take on the zipline to fundraise for MND Scotland that supports those living with Motor Neurone Disease – a cause particularly close to their hearts as their father has the condition.

They have now completed and smashed their target of raising £500 after extensive fundraising through friends, family and colleagues, raising an impressive total of more than £700.

Heather, Activity Coordinator at Bupa’s Wyndford Locks Care Home, said “Getting to the top of the crane was absolutely terrifying as I’m not exactly a lover of heights, but ziplining across the Clyde was exhilarating and filled us both with adrenaline.

“We were so lucky to have perfect weather as it was sunny and the wind was soft instead of the typical Glasgow rain showers!

“We’re so thankful to everyone who donated and helped us raise the fantastic amount of money for MND Scotland. We’re very proud to be able to contribute to such worthy cause and hope to be able to do more fundraising in the future.”

The zipline is a distance of 1000ft, from the north side of the Clyde, to the south close where BBC Scotland is based, giving great views of the Glasgow skyline.


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