Tesco customers vote to develop residential sensory garden scheme


A group of Cambridge residents living at Hanover Close in Bar Hill have been awarded £3000 from Tesco to help transform their outdoor communal area into a sensory garden that will be beneficial to older people who have sensory processing issues.


The awarding of the funding is thanks to shoppers from Tesco stores in Cambridge who voted for the proposal as part of the Tesco Bags of Help community grant scheme. Money raised from the new 5p bag charge is being used to fund thousands of local projects in communities right across the UK.


The new garden will consist of raised wooden planters surrounding a bench, with a planting design to help excite the senses. The plants will appeal to all five senses, engaging sight using bright colours, smell with flowers such as lavender, touch with mosses and succulents, taste with herbs and sound with ornamental grasses. These types of gardens have been shown to bring a range of health benefits, including reduced stress, lowered blood pressure and that also make a great contribution to emotional and physical wellbeing of its users.


Rachel Slater, Estate Manager from Hanover Housing Association said: “This is a fantastic gift for residents and their families. We are absolutely delighted with the result – this worthwhile project will see us installing a raised planting area for people with reduced mobility allowing them to enjoy working in a garden area. The stimulating planting scheme with highly scented, vivid colour and textured planting will also enable those with visual impairment to sit and enjoy the gardens.


“We are very excited about this grant and are very grateful for the support from local people.”


It is hoped that the sensory area will be open throughout the year to give all visitors an opportunity enjoy a range of sounds, textures and perfumes across the seasons.



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