CMG pledges to drive up quality of care


Care Management Group is leading the way in driving up high quality care, with service users and staff members making individual pledges to achieve desired goals, as part of their commitment to the Driving Up Quality (DUQ) initiative.


The DUQ Code was first launched in 2013, with the support of the government and leading organisations such as Care Management Group (CMG) a leading provider of care for people with learning disabilities. Following the exposure of the abuse at Winterbourne View in 2011, the DUQ was initiated to ensure that care providers are delivering the very best standards of care for people with learning disabilities. Central to this is enabling individuals to lead a meaningful life, which requires focused and personalised support.


As part of signing up to the DUQ Code, providers commit to assess their organisations across the five key standards. Members of CMG’s Clinical Team, Learning and Development Team and Operational team organised five roadshows in key geographical regions across the country which focused on service users’ relationships, being ‘out and about’, healthy living, coping with emotions and employment. This was a creative way of gathering feedback to ensure that high quality care is achieved, and that service users can get the best out of their time in the service and from their life as a whole.


As part of the sessions, service users and staff hung their own personal ‘pledge’ on the CMG Pledge Tree, with a goal they would like to achieve. The achievements as a result of these pledges were clear, with one service user losing three stones through a slimming club after pledging that they would like to lose weight. Another pledged to find a girlfriend, and has since joined a dating agency and after another service user pledged that they wanted to find a job, they have now secured a job in a local hairdressers two days a week. 


By making simple pledges, service users and the care team have been able to identify the ideal path to achieve desired goals and ensure that the individuals are able to fulfil their goals.



Peter Kinsey, Chief Executive of CMG, said:


“The CMG Pledge Tree is a brilliant reflection of the commitment we have shown to the DUQ, and a creative, fun way of driving standards and gathering crucial feedback. The accomplishments of our service users and staff alike shows the importance of personalised, focus-led care, and what can be achieved with motivation and a clear end goal.”


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