Conference on ‘Nursing and Care Home Values and Trends’


Informed briefings on current values and how to increase them


The annual briefing on nursing and care home values and trends, including how to enhance value will be held on 22 March 2017 at The Hatton, London EC1. In keynotes, interactive panels, case studies and talks, front line experts will address current and emerging issues of fundamental importance to the sector.


“Care and profit are difficult bedfellows but if there is to be a private nursing and care home sector, and just about everyone agrees that there must be, it has to be profitable to be sustainable. What is profitable is valuable. That is what this annual briefing is all about – providing good care while ensuring profitability” says conference chair Craig Woollam, Director and Head of Healthcare, Savills. “No one says it’s easy but it is possible and it is necessary. It should be an information packed day of practically useful information and guidance” adds Craig.


The conference covers Nursing Homes, Care Homes, Assisted Living, Domiciliary Care Services, and Third Age Housing with informed briefings on current values and how to increase them.


Subjects covered include: Values now and likely trends as demand increases, challenges and opportunities for operators of retirement housing, assisted living and extra care provisioning, the Care Quality Commission’s latest policy strategy, revenue management, market demand (for what, where?), the middle market care home – a growth sector, how to reposition the ‘offer’, third age housing and deferred payments, implications of Brexit and increases in the living wage, asset optimisation, sources and terms of funding and making the most of tax reliefs.


The event is for all those involved in ownership, operation, valuation, funding, sale and purchase; their suppliers, agents and advisors.


Full details of the conference and how to book are at



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