Belong Warrington residents take a step back in time


step-back-in-time-image-1Residents at specialist care village, Belong Warrington, enjoyed a reminiscence afternoon tea, centred around memory boxes containing historic items from various eras. The ‘step back in time’ event celebrated ‘Older People’s Day’, which marks the achievements and contributions that older people make to society.


Residents took a ‘step back in time’ by spending the afternoon looking through the memory boxes that comprised items including: Queen’s coronation memorabilia, newspaper cuttings, army uniforms and war-time gas masks. Residents were also treated to an afternoon tea of cakes and old-time fizzy pop including dandelion and burdock. The boxes and drinks acted as a form of reminiscence therapy that has been shown to be particularly beneficial for people living with dementia, stimulating cognitive ability as well as being therapeutic.


The memory boxes and the items within them were funded by Forester’s Financial who each year support hundreds of community projects and provide many opportunities for members and their families to get involved and help those in need. The International Financial Services provider, plan to return next year with a team of Forester Family Volunteers to work on a spring garden project at Belong Warrington.


Lisa McLaughlin, experience co-ordinator at Belong Warrington said: “A great afternoon was had by all at our ‘step back in time’ event. We are really grateful to Forester’s Financial for sponsoring the memory boxes; residents thoroughly enjoyed seeing the familiar artefacts and reminiscing fond memories from their pasts.”


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