Major drive to reduce older people falls in East Midlands


Falls in elderly people-care industry newsA new initiative has been helping to reduce the number of falls among older people in parts of the East Midlands.


A series of exercise classes focusing on improving the strength and balance for over 65s have been taking place across the city.


The Falls Management Exercise programme (FaME) includes balance, endurance and strength exercises as well as techniques for getting down and up from the floor.


The research behind the initiative was conducted by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) East Midlands, which turns research into cost-saving and high-quality care through cutting-edge innovation.


Elizabeth Orton, who is Associate Professor and Consultant in Public Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences from the University of Nottingham, leading the CLAHRC East Midlands study, said: “Fall admissions account for four million hospital bed days in England each year, which is costing our health service £2 billion every year.


“The FaME programme can prevent falls, and that’s why it is being put into practice. An added benefit is that this could free up hospital beds and ease the financial burden on the NHS.”


The sessions have been delivered across Derby, Rutland and Leicestershire.


A study in 2014 showed that FaME increased physical activity levels and significantly reduced falls by 26 per cent.


Falls are an important cause of disability and loss of independence in older age and they can lead to loss of confidence, increased social isolation and severe injuries.


As the number of older people continues to increase in the UK, the problem is set to get worse.


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