ADASS responds to Care Act for Carers report


ADASSResponding to the Carers Trust report, “Care Act for Carers: One Year On”, ADASS (Association of Directors of Adult Social Services) President Harold Bodmer said:


“We share the report’s optimism about the transformative potential of the Care Act, and are concerned that 69 per cent of carers say they have noticed no difference since its introduction, despite the Act’s recognition of the central role and contribution of carers, giving them new rights to assessments, services and support.


“ADASS fully supports the Act and its important changes to improve carers’ lives, particularly equal recognition for them alongside those they care for. The Act also places new duties upon councils to promote and support the wellbeing of individuals, with an emphasis on prevention, integration, personalisation and resilient communities – alongside the delivery, review and ongoing affordability of services.


“ADASS has consistently argued for fairer funding in light of these new duties, contributing to the introduction of the Carers and Care Act Implementation Grant, which was worth £55.5 million last year. ADASS has also called for £700 million per year of additional adult social care funding due to be introduced in 2019/20 to be brought forward to help councils cope with these challenges and continue to safely carry out their statutory responsibilities towards residents.


“Councils provide community leadership and support, and involve carers in the development and implementation of policy. Early progress has been made with the Care Act – even though we are implementing this at a time of unprecedented financial pressure – and councils will continue to engage through the development of the new National Carers Strategy. We must not underestimate the importance of properly supporting the thousands of informal carers who play an essential role in sustaining our care and support system.”




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