Even better assistive technology support and service will result from Clos-o-Mat’s relocation


clos-o-mat new officesEven better support and service will result from Clos-o-Mat’s relocation.


The company- Britain’s market leader in assistive technology in toilets, home and away- has moved from the offices it has occupied since its foundation 55 years ago into larger premises in Sale, Manchester.


The move has been prompted by the company’s continuing growth in sales, and corresponding growth in personnel: Clos-o-Mat is just completing a record year for sales of its brand-leading Palma Vita wash & dry toilet, and is also seeing increasing supply & installation of accessible toilet facilities away from home, including Changing Places suites for people who need a carer’s help for their personal hygiene.


“The new offices give us almost twice as much space,” explained managing director Brian Hoare. “To continue to deliver on our reputation for unrivalled personal support and service for our customers and clients, we need the capability to accommodate and expand our team. We now have the space to do that, and simultaneously institute appropriate meeting, demonstration and presentation facilities.”


clos-o-mat palma 2016The new head quarters are also easily to access for the company’ disabled clients. A level access entrance leads to the ground floor presentation & meeting areas. Car parking is outside the door, and the nearest Metro station and bus stop only yards away. Contact points- telephone, email, website- remain unchanged.


Added Brian Hoare, “Finding the right premises was more than finding the right amount of office and administration space. To us, it was as important that wherever we moved to was accessible for our staff, many of whom have been with us for many years, and was accessible for customers.”


Fclos-o-mat palma spray emailounded 55 years ago, family-owned Clos-o-Mat was the first British supplier of wash/dry toilets, introducing the concept into the UK over half a century ago; it is now the biggest supplier, with in excess of 50,000 units installed and its latest evolution of the Palma Vita being unveiled this quarter.


The company now provides all toileting support technology for elderly and disabled people- hoists, changing benches, toilet lifts, and offers the most comprehensive support services available in-house, from design compliance through to after-sales service & maintenance.


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