LNT Group looks to increase development business side


LNT=CINWest Yorkshire based LNT Group has today announced it is increasing focus on the care development side of the Group, moving key members of the team into LNT Care Developments as the lead business for their turn of key schemes.  Christine Cooper, currently Managing Director of LNT Construction, will move across to be Project Director for LNT Care Developments, working with Nick Broadbent and Andrew Long to take a more strategic approach to the development programme.

The move follows a year of exponential growth in LNT’s development pipeline for third-party customers.  Currently, sites in the LNT pipeline are selling as early as the pre-planning stage with customers such as Country Court Care entering into multi-site deals.  Traditionally, LNT has been known for its close relationship with sister-company Ideal Carehomes but the expansion in LNT’s customer base over the past two years require the establishment of a dedicated team. 

LNT Chief Executive Matt Lowe explained:

“LNT took the strategic decision to sell more of our pipeline to third-party providers, introducing our turn-of-key plus scheme last year.  This has been an unmitigated success for us.   In the last couple of years, despite the view of the industry, we’ve only actually built two homes for Ideal Carehomes with the majority sold to third parties.   

Having already doubled the size of our site-finding team, with plans to add further members, our confidence in our turn of key care facilities has paid off.  Continuing the trend from last year, we have third-party providers lined up to buy all our current sites.  Often, the biggest struggle is securing enough sites to meet demand – our homes are beautiful and our reputation for delivering projects on budget and on time, precedes us!”

Recognising the increase in third-party sales, which is set to continue for the foreseeable future, LNT has increased the focus on client relations and the need to distinguish the development from the Construction part of the business.

Christine Cooper, in-coming Project Director for LNT Care Developments, added:“Creating a division of the business solely focused on looking after our clients is the logical next step for LNT.  We’ve now moved into the assisted living development market and are working with more partners than ever.

Whilst we have always looked after clients to a high standard, the needs of construction and development are distinct, so by establishing a dedicated client-relations team we will be better able to cultivate our offering to meet the needs of the market.   I’m very excited to be taking an integral role in the way LNT Care Developments engages strategically with LNT Construction as a partner to create award-winning schemes.”

LNT currently has six sites under construction nationwide with a further three due to commence within the next month and another ten sites secured.   The remaining sites in the portfolio are all either sold or in late stage discussions with purchasers.


  1. LNT developments are a perfect example of a business which is focusing on what it does best (building care homes). Over the years it has been a pleasure working with the team at LNT to assist them in delivering their outstandingly designed care homes. This fresh news brings with it great opportunities for the care home market, and we are passionate in being a part of this journey.

    (Alpine HC Group provides LNT with care equipment..)

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