How is a GP’s time spent?


Many of Britain’s GPs are worn-out due to their ever-growing workloads, that’s according to the Chair of the Royal College of General Practioners. As well as being a subject that is widely reported on in the news, this is also a topic that is debated in contemporary society.

However, with recent technological advancements there are many innovations that could be implemented to help healthcare professionals complete demanding daily tasks, such as paperwork.

The ‘GP Workload: Statistics & Solutions for a More Productive Practice’ infographic created by Brother UK, illustrates some of the daily tasks that can take up the most time for GPs. The infographic also discusses the ways technology could be incorporated into such services, to alleviate some of that pressure. Implementing the right kind of innovation could not only improve patient care, but can also the make life easier for GPs and practice staff alike.

Brother Infographic



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