West Yorkshire care group gives thumbs up to CCTV

Konrad Czajka, Managing Director at Czajka Care Group

A West Yorkshire care company has successfully trialled the use of CCTV cameras in one of its five care homes and now plans to introduce cameras in its other homes.

Czajka Care Group, which has recently been awarded with the prestigious Investors In People accreditation and Gold Standard Framework accreditation, which both recognise exceptionally high standards, trialled the cameras at its Staveley Birk Leas Nursing Home in Nab Wood near Shipley to enhance security at the home.

Following the trial, the home’s residents and staff have all voted to keep the visible cameras which are located in communal areas and near external doors. Acting Registered Manager Val Davison from Staveley Birk Leas says: “We look after 60 people aged between 18 and 64 who all have physical disabilities and are unable to look after themselves in their own homes. We provide mainly single en-suite rooms alongside plenty of communal space and our main aim is to ensure everyone can live their lives to the full in a safe and comfortable environment.

“We introduced the cameras after a full consultation with residents, their families and our staff to provide additional security around exits and in the communal spaces and they have worked very well. There is always an incredibly sensitive balance that needs to be applied to the use of this sort of technology, as our resident’s privacy is paramount, but by having the cameras in select areas, everyone has felt very reassured and happy with the additional level of security they provide.”

Earlier this year a survey about the use of CCTV in care homes showed that 60% of the 2,000 members of the GMB, Britain’s General Union, were ‘reasonably relaxed’ about the use of visible cameras in communal areas of care homes.

Konrad Czajka, Managing Director at Czajka Care Group says:  “We are always trying to find new ways of providing the very best service to our residents and alongside investment in physiotherapy suites, disabled-friendly kitchens and information technology rooms for our residents, we are keen to ensure everyone feels safe and secure. As with all care homes, we are a very busy place with lots of visitors and deliveries everyday so the cameras provide an extra layer of security.”

Czajka Care Group owns and operates Currergate Nursing Home in Steeton and Beanlands Nursing Home in Cross Hills as well as Fairmount Nursing Home, Brookfield Care Home and Staveley Birk Leas Nursing Home, which are all in Nab Wood near Shipley.  Czajka also provides purpose built retirement homes and operates The Clubhouse at Fairmount Park, which is a members only club with a wide range of leisure facilities.


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