Bield’s Kevin marches onwards to fundraising success.


Canal BridgeChampion Bield Fundraiser Kevin Rowe has yet again put his best foot forward into the Scottish countryside to raise funds to support people living with dementia.

Kevin led a group of 21 walkers from Bield to complete a 27-mile section of the John Muir Way over a weekend in September, starting with a 13-mile hike from Bield’s Whitehill Court Day Care in Kirkintilloch to Bield’s Thornton Gardens care home in Bonnybridge.

Many of the team took a well-deserved rest on Saturday evening then set off again Sunday morning, completing the 27 mile long trip at West Port Day Care service Linlithgow.

The walk along John Muir Way encompassed attractions such as the Falkirk Wheel and the Antonine Wall as well as offering scenic views of the canal and woodland nearby.

Setting Off Whitehill PicKevin said: “The terrain was fairly flat meaning that people of all ages could join us on the walk, from our older service users to our younger staff members.

“We enjoyed a great weekend of sunshine. But the hot weather, although great for appreciating the views, did make walking a bit heavy-going. I even got sunburnt.

“Overall 22 people took part in the walk, 17 walked on the first day and eight on the next meaning that we had a great mix of people from staff and carers to tenants. I think we covered pretty much the whole spectrum of ages too from a one year old child to men in their seventies. It was great to see.

“The fact that there were lots of people walking with us meant that we all motivated each other on the walk and we all had a good laugh.

“We had an amazing weekend with a lot of laughs and it was made extra special because we knew we were raising money for such a worthwhile cause at the same time.”

Over £2,000 was raised which will benefit many of the care services run by Bield to help those living with dementia.

Kevin said: “Another important factor is that the walk has raised awareness of the services that Bield offers to older people all across the country.

“Bield allows those who fundraise to decide how they would like their donations to be used. This way, they can support a local service which has benefitted them or their family or they can simply donate to Bield for us to use the money where there is greatest need.

“This means that Whitehill Court Day Care, Hillcrest Court Retirement Housing, Thornhill Court Day Care and Thornton Gardens Care Home as well as Bield overall will all benefit from the money raised from the charity walk.

“I would very much like to thank everyone that has donated or supported us on this walk. Your money and your support is appreciated by everyone at Bield and will benefit and enrich the lives of the older people that we care for, allowing them to continue to live, as we say, Free to Be.”


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