Special solution for disabled paediatric toileting

Daniel Tennant
Daniel Tennant

According to research1, using functional rooms- including the bathroom- is the second biggest problem faced by the 0.75m2 families with a disabled child.


In an effort to help alleviate the issues surrounding going to the toilet, Clos-o-Mat has published a new white paper- Guidance & Considerations in the Provision of Toilet Aids for Disabled Children.


“The ability to go to the toilet with less, or no, help, has a huge impact on any child’s independence and self-care skills,” explains Mark Sadler, Sales Director at Clos-o-Mat. “Assistive technology needs to be carefully and properly selected, so it provides the appropriate support, ensuring the child can go to the loo safely, achieve effective bowel and bladder evacuation, be hygienically clean after, and will not be outgrown within a matter of months.


“The new white paper aims to provide an easy to follow reference point for obvious- and not so apparent- considerations in choosing paediatric toileting technology.”


The white paper is available for download from Clos-o-Mat’s website

www.clos-o-mat.com under its download section. It compliments a comprehensive library of white papers covering accessible toileting for elderly and disabled people at home, and in educational and commercial environments, from domestic bathrooms/wetrooms through to assisted accessible hygiene rooms and Changing Places washroom facilities.


Clos-o-Mat was the first British supplier of automatic toilets, and its latest evolution, the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita, is the only unit of its kind developed specifically to accommodate disabled and elderly people through most stages of their life. It is now the UK’s biggest supplier, and only British manufacturer, of wash & dry toilets and associated assistive technology.


Since the first Clos-o-Mat was introduced 50 years ago, over 40,000 have been sold, some of which are still in daily use. The company is unique in providing- in house- advice, supply, installation, commissioning and after sales maintenance & service.



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