Rise and fall table at the heart of the home

The Indivo height adjustable table in the Flat Spaces Holiday Accommodation
The Indivo height adjustable table in the Flat Spaces Holiday Accommodation

When a dining table needs wheelchair access from all sides, Indivo from Pressalit Care helps keep the kitchen at the heart of the home.


The free standing, rise and fall table frame from Indivo brings much needed flexibility to an accessible kitchen or dining room, enabling all members of the family to eat together in comfort.


Safely and easily adjusted to suit all those sitting around it, the table frame has a height variation of up to 300mm, and is operated either with a neat turn handle that fastens underneath when not in use, or alternatively with a colour coded electric switch.


“Being able to sit round a table together to eat or prepare a meal can be an important part of family or a community’s daily routine,” says Andrew Lowndes, UK sales manager at Pressalit Care. “The Indivo table frame has been designed for both flexibility and practicality, and sits well in any contemporary style kitchen.” 


The stable and secure free-standing table frame, accompanied by a table top of choice,  benefits from the Indivo lifter mechanism that is also used for rise and fall wall-mounted work surfaces and wall cupboards to create a fully accessible and flexible kitchen. For use with most standard types of worktop and wall cupboard, Indivo lifters are easy to install, either in a new build, or when retrofitting.

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The Indivo lifters allow worktops and units to be safely raised and lowered to suit individual needs; worktops can move vertically, while wall cupboards can adjust both vertically and forwards with the simple press of a button.  Indivo units are ideal for communal kitchens where people of differing physical ability are working together, or in individual or private home adaptations.



Artist and developer Tom Yendell has used the rise and fall table in his new holiday accommodation, Flat Spaces, where the worry has been taken out of travel for disabled visitors.   In creating his new holiday homes which place as much emphasis on accessibility as well as aesthetics, he turned to Pressalit Care for their help in providing the wow factor in the kitchen and bathrooms. In an ethos shared by Tom, Pressalit Care designs each element to ensure that every consideration is given to allow disabled users the flexibility, independence and usability they need, while providing good looking furniture for a contemporary living space.


Pressalit Care has been designing bathrooms and kitchens for over forty years where practicality is a pre-requisite.

More information and stockists for Pressalit Care’s Indivo range, visit www.pressalit.com or email uk@pressalit.com




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