National Minimum Wage rise welcomed by care home charity


Lilian Faithful Homes-care industry newsMartin Hughes, Chief Executive of Lilian Faithfull Homes a registered care charity in Cheltenham, commented;

“We welcome legislation to increase the wages of those who have some of the most challenging and vital jobs in society particularly in Gloucestershire with our ageing profile.

At Lilian Faithfull Homes we already pay well above the Minimum Wage and staff will get an increase in October to push us further above. Our Board have committed to year-on-year increases, with an aim to get us to the Living Wage.

Some providers may find this a challenge, but they maybe motivated by profit or having to service debt. As a charity we are in care for the right reasons and not for profit.”

Suzanne Booker, Director of Care comments “One of the ways to drive up care standards is to reward those providing care, recognising the incredible work they do, but also to retain and attract new staff to the sector. This will drive up standards as staff numbers remain stable. Our turnover is one of the lowest in the sector and our average length of service is incredible at around 8 years.”

Watch this space – Now that the Care Act has come into force in along with the minimum wage it’s going to be an interesting time for the care sector.

Lilian Faithfull Homes has been providing care since 1946. The charity is looking to expand its services to Gloucestershire. The organisation currently cares for over 200 residents, with 300 staff they are one of the largest providers of social care in the county.



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