Learning disability services achieve first ever accreditation for Positive Behaviour Support


PBS accreditationCMG has become the first provider of learning disability care to develop its own accreditation to recognise excellence in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) which is transforming the lives of the individuals CMG supports.

Although PBS is embedded in government policy and is widely promoted by charities and campaign groups for the important role it plays in reducing hospital re-admissions, there has been no move on a national level to develop an accreditation which support providers across the country can aim towards.

In the absence of a UK-wide certificate, CMG made the decision to develop its own PBS award to ensure it is central to the support it provides. In the five services to be awarded the accreditation, the greater emphasis being placed on PBS is already having an impact.

For example, at one of the services in Hove, one person CMG supports has gone from being excluded from many community activities because of physically challenging behaviour, to having built his self-esteem so he has been able to learn sign language,  Spanish, maintain employment and travel to Barcelona.

The remarkable turnaround has largely been attributed to the bespoke plan CMG staff developed to help reduce challenging behaviour – this included developing common interests with staff members and setting small goals for the individual to achieve.

So far, the accreditation has been awarded to five CMG services in Brighton and Hove, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, while services in Wales, Essex and London are also starting to take steps towards achieving it. To achieve the accreditation, support and management teams take part in sessions aimed at providing them with an understanding of best practice in PBS.

What they learn here is put into practice as they then develop bespoke plans for those people who are shown to present with behaviours which challenge. Once a service reaches the outcomes identified in CMG’s Accreditation Framework – these are based on measures like quality of life outcomes, enhanced skill levels for individuals and minimising restrictive practices – they become eligible for the accreditation.

Michael Fullerton, Clinical Director at CMG said: “A lot of what has been published at a national level on PBS can be quite technical. That’s why we wanted to create this accreditation – so staff at every level can understand its benefits and practice it in a jargon-free way for the benefit of the people we support across England and South Wales.

“You can see how much of a difference it’s already making in the five services who have gained the accreditation and we’re looking forward to introducing it more widely in the near future.”

Peter Kinsey, Chief Executive of CMG, said: “Introducing the accreditation highlights the lead CMG is taking in putting the people we support at the very heart of everything we do. “PBS is proven to enhance the lives of people living with learning disabilities, which is why we’re delighted that all CMG services will be making a move towards gaining this accreditation very soon.”


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