Animal therapy for Abbeyfield tenants


Kenneth with the snakeLast month Wild Science visited tenants of Watling Court for an educational and exhilarating animal show.


Tenants were treated to an extraordinary visit from a range of exciting animals, from corn snakes and cockroaches to millipedes and skinks. They were introduced to the unusual animals and told about how they live their lives before holding them or stroking them, if they wished too.


After the exciting and enlightening experience, the tenants washed up before sitting back, relaxing and enjoying some homemade Victoria sponge and a cup of tea.


Helen Goulding, scheme manager of Watling Court said: “We are always looking for fun and innovative activities for the tenants here at Watling Court and the animal science visit was certainly imaginative!


“The tenants absolutely loved meeting all of the animals on show, even the cockroaches and snakes – they were a lot braver than some of the staff!”


The benefits of animal therapy are well documented; proving that interaction with animals can significantly reduce pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue in older people with an array of health problems.


The Abbeyfield Kent Society embraces the Eden Alternative principles within its homes, believing that communication with animals can boost wellbeing and help to eliminate loneliness.


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