The two passions of a Care Worker


36Stacey Metcalfe has two main passions in her life:  delivering bespoke care and support to her clients and racing a go kart around a track to national competition level.

Having originally trained as a nursery nurse in 2007, Stacey was looking to make this her chosen career.  However, it was during this time that she began caring for her grandmother who had dementia.  She soon realised that this was the area of social care which she wished to explore and decided to pursue work with Caremark (East Riding), the Yorkshire care provider.

Today she is a full time, valued member of their care team and works with colleagues covering the Holderness area.

In March she beat seven other nominees for Care Worker of the Month, an award which is given to the Care Worker who has demonstrated a continuous high standard of working and dedication to the care of their clients.

Stacey’s commitment and professionalism caught the attention of management as did her willingness to cover extra calls when colleagues were unable to work due to illness. Never one to complain, they were impressed by her positive and cheerful attitude, despite having to cope with her own personal loss through family bereavement earlier in the year.

(East Riding)’s Care Manager, Daniel Rhodes commented: “For the past couple of months, Stacey has been a real asset to the company, always willing to help out with staff shortages due to sickness.  She never complains and always provides excellent standards of care with a cheerful smile.  Her clients too really appreciate the support she gives them.”

In addition, Stacey’s passion for go karting has seen this adventurous young woman develop a real flair for racing karts around a track.  This unusual sport is a good foil for the demands of her daytime profession and also gives her something different to talk about with her clients.

Stacey is the only female driver in a team of 20, yet this has not deterred her from becoming highly successful at her chosen sport.  She currently competes in races all over the country and has shown a natural talent for it, collecting a cabinet full of trophies along the way.

Last year was a great year for this dedicated care worker when she was crowned as the overall Championship winner for 2014 in Endurance & Sprint Championship, beating other drivers from all over the UK and France.

Whether caring for her vulnerable clients or driving at high speed around a race track, Stacey clearly enjoys the two in equal measures and by all accounts is rather good at them too!


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