Puppy love at Macclesfield care home

Mabel Glover (103) with her new best friend
Mabel Glover (103) with her new best friend

Who says puppy love is for the young? Not residents at Ingersley Court care home in Macclesfield, who enjoyed a heart-melting visit from a litter of well-behaved Basset Hound puppies. The afternoon was organised by staff at the CLS-run home as part of an animal-assisted therapy session, during which residents got to hold, play with and pet their new best friends.


96-year-old Beatrice Hill especially enjoyed the visit, later commenting: “It was so lovely to meet the little pups. It took me right back to when I was a young girl and the day we first got our own puppy, who was incredibly loyal and good-natured. They make for the very best pets!” 103-year old Mabel Glover (pictured) added: “It was such a lovely afternoon, I hope we get to meet the puppies again soon!”


Animal-assisted therapy is known to help encourage group engagement and social interaction among older people, as well as provide meaningful experiences and have a calming effect.


Ingersley Court Home Manager, Jen Jones, remarked: “It was fantastic to watch everyone playing with the puppies, which were extremely well behaved! Plus the number of memories and conversations about past pets that the visit sparked was remarkable.


“For our less mobile residents, we do all we can to try and bring the outside world in. Whether that’s through inviting members of the public along to our open events, organising visits from external organisations or holding animal-therapy sessions such as these. It’s great to see what a positive impact it has on each person’s day.”


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