Partnership drives better patient outcomes

Walkergate's David Muir and Keiro CEO Boda Gallon
Walkergate’s David Muir and Keiro CEO Boda Gallon

AN INNOVATIVE partnership between the NHS and private care specialists Keiro is improving care and outcomes for patients in the North East.

Staff at Walkergate Park, a specialist NHS neurological rehabilitation service which is part of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (NTW) and Keiro are now working in partnership providing specialist care for people with neurological conditions such as brain injuries or those recovering from a stroke. 

NHS staff have spent the last year training colleagues at Keiro’s Chase Park Neuro Centre in Whickham providing specialists from Walkergate Park (WGP) Hospital, including medical teams, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, so that patients can progress from WGP Hospital to Chase Park to help aid their recovery and speed up discharge.

Chief Executive at Keiro, Boda Gallon said: “Patients with neurological conditions such as those with acquired brain injury have complex care and support needs, so having the same co-ordinated team to oversee their rehabilitation and care really supports the progress they are able to make and offer confidence to them and their families.”

The partnership between the two organisations means that an extended and integrated service is provided so patients will experience a seamless discharge whilst receiving the high level of support they will need during their rehabilitation, and once they move on from hospital they can continue their rehabilitation journey with access to NHS specialists at Keiro.

Directorate manager for adult specialist services at Walkergate Park, David Muir, said: “Partnerships between NHS organisations and the independent sector are crucial in making breakthroughs in service development, productivity and providing the best possible services.

“Our previous experience of working with Keiro has proved very successful for patient outcomes, giving families the reassurance that the care and treatment plan would be continued at Keiro under the same team of specialists.”

Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine at NTW, Dr Liz Davis added: “The collaboration has delivered a pathway and created consistency for our patients who can now continue to have access to specialist consultants and therapists. This is a prime example of a public sector collaboration helping to drive better outcomes for patients.”

Chase Park Neuro Centre is recognised as one of the UK’s leading neuro-rehabilitation facilities and primarily supports people with acquired brain and spinal injuries as well as people with complex neurological conditions and severe disabilities.



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