I’d be lost without it: new videos give a voice to people with dementia.


groupAs part of a new initiative from the Health Innovation Network, a crew from Magneto Films (http://www.magmetofilms.com/) spent three days filming in two South London care homes that open their doors for dementia peer support groups. Magneto’s brief was to capture the views of people with dementia and their carers about peer support, and the films are now part of a new resource pack to promote and encourage more support opportunities for people with dementia.



Health Innovation Network Dementia Project Manager, Amy Semple said, “People with dementia and their carers say that peer support groups are important as they provide opportunities to speak to other people in a similar situation and provide social interaction, which often is much needed.

With Amy’s help, Magneto director, Jeremy Jeffs filmed with two inspiring groups, the Lambeth Healthy Living Club in Stockwell and the Hope and Doodle Club in Bromley. The films feature some extraordinary people who were candid about their dementia journey and what the peer groups mean to them:

It’s got me out meeting people, going to different places and you feel as though you’ve got more freedom.

Tom at Hope & Doodle






We talk and we don’t hold anything back from one another, it makes us happy.

Pearl at Lambeth Health Living Club

The clubs not only provide companionship and entertainment but they’re also great sources of help and information: we learnt of people getting money advice, exercise and heath tips and even tricks to help with memory loss:






Coming here taught me how to remember things by putting these notelets on the fridge.

Rae at Hope & Doodle

Mangeto Films are experts at working with people in vulnerable situations and they work extensively with charities, health and social care organisations, and the NHS. Video was the best way to really showing the warmth and friendliness of the groups and capturing people’s feelings  about how the groups helped them and the experience of being in the care homes.






I enjoy it very much and people tell me that I look better since I’ve been coming here.

Pearl at Lambeth Health Living Club

As part of the filming process, HIN and Magneto Films screened the videos for the participants, making sure they were happy with the results and giving them a chance to see the videos they’d contributed to.









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