Care group talk about enhancing the quality of life for their residents

Events and Activities Planner, Laraine Prescott in The Salon at Stocks Hall St Helens
Events and Activities Planner, Laraine Prescott in The Salon at Stocks Hall St Helens

Enhancing Quality of Life and making lives pleasurable is very important to the Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group.


Personal attention and pampering is a luxury we all would like to enjoy. Stocks Hall St Helens, gives people living at the Home just this, the opportunity to indulge in something quite special, offered at the Home’s Beauty and Therapy Room, ‘The Salon’.


Originally used by visiting hairdressers for people living at Stocks Hall St Helens, ‘The Salon’ was previously utilised for the cutting and styling of hair.  October 2014 however, saw  ‘The Salon’ transformed into a tranquil paradise offering visiting clients the opportunity to experience hair, beauty and holistic treatments.


Laraine Prescott, Events and Activities planner said “The Salon has really come into its own, it is now a hive of activity, offering great opportunity to socialise, reminisce with others and relax.”


It provides a unique, tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.  With the lights dimmed, candles flickering and the soothing sounds of relaxing music you are instantly made to feel at ease.


Offering a complete salon package, popular treatments include manicures, nail design, facials and massage.  Typically quick but extremely relaxing, these treatments provide a wealth of benefits such as improved finger and wrist range of motion, enhanced circulation and rehabilitation of injuries.


Assisting in the overall well-being of people living at the Home, The Salon also provides Reiki Therapy and Crystal Healing which are known to enhance a person’s health and well-being.  These types of holistic treatments are not intended to replace traditional medicines which are vital in the treatment of dementia sufferers, but can complement existing treatments by helping to reduce depression, stress and anxiety.


Laraine said “Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful form of healing, utilising subtle energies to bring about health and well-being for the receiver; it has the effect of inducing deep relaxation.  In Alzheimer’s or Dementia, insecurity and agitation are common states affecting sufferer’s so using Reiki to bring about a relaxed state is very beneficial.”


“Crystal Therapy combined with massage promotes feelings of well-being which will bring about the desired effect quickly and stablise it for longer than other similar treatments, whether the goal is relaxation, serenity, focused attention or renewed vigour.”


The sessions provided are very popular with people living at the Home, saying they ‘enjoy being pampered and spoilt.’


Stocks Hall St Helens are very proud to have this excellent facility within the Home. Dealing with a variety of clients with an array of special needs and requirements, every person is made feel comfortable, relaxed and well pampered.


The Salon totally supports Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group Values and Philosophy of Care .…. Namely  ‘Every Person Is Valued’ and ‘Care with Integrity & Respect’.


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