Auto-Enrolment and what it means for care homes?


PrintWith auto-enrolment affecting all companies, Matthew Mitten the founder and director of Enrolsme,  talks about the complete online auto-enrolment solution for small employers and his predictions for 2015 and what care home owners can expect in the months to come, along with top tips for how care operators can embrace and comply with the government-led-initiative.  Below is a case study of Hertfordshire Care Providers Association (HCPA) on how they have progressed with auto-enrolment with the support of


About Hertfordshire Care Providers Association (HCPA)

HCPA is a not-for-profit members association that supports all businesses who provide adult social care in Hertfordshire, to improve their quality of care. They do this through fully funded training, networking events, forums for sharing best practice and providing a voice for care providers.

HCPA manages over £1 million of training funding for the county on behalf of the government, the local authority, the NHS and other agencies.

The company has 16 employees, and did not have a pension scheme in place.

Complying with automatic enrolment

HCPA found out its staging date when it approached Enrolsme, an online workplace pension solution, designed for small businesses and charities. Although the company’s staging date is still two years away, the management team decided to bring this forward to provide their staff with the added benefit of a pension.

Working with Enrolsme

Wesley Hughes, head of operations at HCPA, commented: “As a small business, we didn’t have anywhere to turn to for support so were grateful of the help provided by Enrolsme.

Initially, Enrolsme was recommended to us by the Chair of our Board who had used the solution to put pensions in place for the staff at his group of care homes.

It has been the perfect solution for us – quick, straightforward and a slick process. The platform deals with all elements of an otherwise complicated series of tasks – all of which were completed in a one-hour session.”


“I would recommend Enrolsme to other small businesses. If they don’t have the time or resources to spend month’s to-ing and fro-ing between companies, having lengthy phone calls and working out the complicated percentages and equations, especially when it comes to payroll, then this is the solution for them,” commented Wesley.

“I would say we have spent a maximum of one and a half days dealing with this in total, where trying to do it all ourselves would have taken weeks.”

Matthew Mitten, Director at Enrolsme, added: “We were able to support HCPA and get the pension up and running with a fast turnaround.

As a result, HCPA now has a straightforward process to complete on a monthly basis for payroll, which takes approximately five minutes. And a happy workforce with their new staff benefit.”

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