Alzheimer’s Society responds to Conservative Party Manifesto

David Cameron
David Cameron

The Conservative Party launched its 2015 election manifesto today (14th April) which included pledges to ensure strong care plans are put into place post diagnosis, increased support for carers, and a commitment to continue to integrate health and social care systems, joining-up services between homes, clinics and social care systems.

Alzheimer’s Society’s own election manifesto called on the new government to ensure everyone diagnosed with dementia has access to a Dementia Adviser, demonstrate leadership in creating a dementia-friendly society and ensure that people with dementia receive the same state support as people with cancer.

Responding to the Conservative Party’s manifesto, Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Society, Jeremy Hughes said;

‘It is positive to see the Conservative Party committing to a new Dementia Strategy. That Strategy can ensure that people with dementia and their carers get the support they need today as well as the investment in research into prevention and a future cure – the first time dementia research has been given such prioritisation’

‘What we need to see in the next government is the commitments around creating a fairer integrated health and social care system becoming a reality. This can only be achieved by adequate and sustainable funding.’


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