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clos-o-mat glenashling ii (white) emailThe average 30 bed nursing/care home could save approx. £150,000 a year on staff costs whilst simultaneously giving clients greater control over their daily life- just by installing toilet aids.


And the installation also helps ensure compliance with Regulatory requirements to ensure the dignity, privacy and independence of service users, and, where appropriate, provide opportunities for service users to manage their own care1.


The toilet aids in question are the Clos-o-Mat wash and dry (automatic shower) toilet and Aerolet toilet lift. Separately or together, they enable people who would otherwise need the help of a carer to go to the toilet to do so without assistance. The Aerolet helps them get on and off the toilet, whilst the Clos-o-Mat- with its in-built washing and drying- eliminates the need to wipe with toilet tissue, and gives a consistent quality of cleanliness.


Glenashling Nursing Home is a real-life example of the benefits. It initially installed one Clos-o-Mat with an Aerolet in a new extension; such were the benefits, a further three have now been installed.


Manager Garry Gavigan executed a cost analysis on the investment, which showed:

  • cost of care assistance to toilet: 2 staff required per time, 15 minutes/time, five times a day= £7117.5/client, or £213525 for 30 clients
  • cost of installing a Clos-o-Mat £2500, with similar for an Aerolet

Therefore, even if one carer still needed to accompany the client, toileting costs are almost halved if both pieces of equipment provided.


If carer assistance is eliminated completely for some residents, or just a Clos-o-Mat or Aerolet installed, savings yield a 50+% reduction in staff costs.


Garry adds, “It’s much more than just the financial element. The Clos-o-Mats and Aerolets help ensure the care we give, even in so personal an area as going to the toilet, is dignified. The Clos-o-Mats are so much more hygienic, and the staff and I agree they and the Aerolets make resident toileting so much safer for us all too, as they reduce moving and handling considerations.”


Full details of the range of Clos-o-Mat equipment for nursing & residential care homes can be found on the company’s website www.clos-o-mat/com/ care-homes.


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