Specialist food buying agency asks ‘could your team be ‘buying better’…?

Ed Bevan
Ed Bevan

Care Homes can now access care caterers’ best kept secret partner and transform their bottom line!

Specialist food buying agency asks ‘could your team be ‘buying better’…?


Specialist, food service buying consultancy, Acquire, has launched its highly sought-after service into the Care Home sector, enabling care caterers to ‘buy better’ and potentially transform their bottom line.



Drawing off its position as a leading partner to the broader Foodservice Industry, where it has re-defined what procurement support means to food providers, Acquire’s web-based approach to buying food related products across the care market is unique and based on mutual understanding.   It is not a “consortium” or a “buying collective” (although the company does manage over £500m of food related spend on behalf of clients).  It simply works with organisations to understand improve their margins by reviewing their purchasing process and by putting forward solutions for consideration. 


Speaking of the launch into the Care Home sector, Ed Bevan of Acquire says:


“We want to offer care homes (regardless of their size and scale) the same opportunity to buy better.   And, ‘buying better’ isn’t always about the price of a tin of beans, although price is obviously vital to get right.    It is all about understanding homes’ dilemmas and connecting them with suppliers in a way that can benefit them both.   You would be surprised how swiftly improvements can be made that increase profitability, and generally make for better business.


“That might be around securing great management data (at the press of a button) that helps you understand your supply chain better, or in ensuring the local sourcing and provenance of products you are buying.  It might be about demonstrating excellent green credentials or just a sanity check that you are buying at a consistent price and that your suppliers are compliant with all relevant traceability and food safety standards that are a must to comply with CQC requirements. 


And uniquely, Acquire takes supply to another level by purchasing directly from manufacturers, producers and growers which means that every aspect of buying traceability, efficiency and leverage can be gained from the supply chain.


“e-platforms are changing the whole landscape of buying and are to be welcomed in line with generational change and the business advantage that the associated technology can offer care homes.   Over the last few years, we have listened to what our customers are telling us – we understand their challenges and are delighted to have responded with a service that is relevant and meets their individual needs.  One size definitely does not fit all”.


Acquire’s thorough understanding of the competitive landscape, commodity forecasts, regulatory issues, trends and market pricing means that care homes can benefit from expertise and supply partnerships that deliver long term. 


Some clients have been working with Acquire managed supply chains for over 10 years.  Maintaining service level agreements, carrying out third party safety audits and continually assessing Suppliers’ credentials including due diligence processes and emergency contingency plans is all part of the company’s role.


Acquire Services Limited offers a range of services and systems, developed to support care catering operations of all sizes.  For more information go to www.acquireservices.com 



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