Red & Yellow Care appoints new Head of Care to drive excellence in integrated dementia care


Red and Yellow Care (200 x 189)Red & Yellow Care, the specialist dementia care provider, has appointed registered mental health nurse Vivien Ziwocha as Head of Care. 

Vivien Ziwocha has extensive experience in working with older adults, learning disabilities and complex mental health rehabilitation. In her most recent role, she took a lead in developing the Dementia Voice Nurse Service nationally for Housing and Care 21. Her management experience spans from hospital management and nursing care to housing and domiciliary care. This drove her passion to develop integrated care services for people living with dementia.

Rogier van den Brink, Managing Director of Red & Yellow Care said; “Vivien has fantastic experience in healthcare management and as a mental health nurse. She will work closely with our Medical Director, Dr James Warner, to deliver person-centred, integrated dementia care. With truly integrated care the health of the person with dementia can be monitored and proactively managed, preventing crises and unnecessary hospital admissions. This way a good life with dementia is possible.”

Vivien Ziwocha said; “Time and time again we see how certain health issues for people with dementia are overlooked and go unaddressed. Dementia is a multi-layered condition and some health issues unfortunately mask others. This makes dementia notoriously difficult to deal with. The right approach is for a multi-professional team to provide holistic care across psychological, physical and social health. This is the Red & Yellow Care approach and I’m delighted to be part of the team.”

In the UK there are around 850,000 people living with dementia at a cost of £26 billion a year to the economy.[i] More than half of people with dementia never receive a formal diagnosis and are therefore unable to access specialist treatment and care. Red & Yellow Care’s bespoke offer includes a fast-track diagnostic assessment service and an ongoing specialist care service, making it the only truly integrated dementia care provider in the UK.

[i] Alzheimer’s Society. Financial cost of dementia. 2014. Available at:


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