Nutrition & Hydration week at Sunnybank House in Eastleigh


Hartford Care-care industry newsResidents at Sunnybank House Residential Home, Fair Oak, Eastleigh, thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Nutrition and Hydration this week.

Staff members at Sunnybank House planned a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to reiterate and promote the importance of nutrition and hydration as a part of providing great care.

The event took place on 19th March when everyone gathered together in the Daisy Lounge on Dahlia Floor early afternoon. As residents arrived at the ‘Tea Party’, they were welcomed by a delicious selection of refreshments such as tea, coffee, water and fruit juices. Together, they reminded themselves how much fluid they should drink each day and they then discussed different forms of hydration and the signs of dehydration to look out for. The group then talked about how food has changed over the years and chatted with staff about the importance of healthy eating.

To add a bit of fun to the proceedings, residents took it in turns to choose a different ‘mad hat’ that they had created in a recent arts & crafts activity! Spending the whole afternoon posing for the camera, all of the residents on Dahlia Floor got a chance to wear a selection of ‘mad hats’ that caught their eye!

With a yummy variety of homemade cakes and biscuits, residents at Sunnybank House then spent the rest of the afternoon reminiscing about the different party foods that they used to provide their guests at their own social gatherings, talking about their most memorable events such as birthday parties and weddings.

Sunnybank House resident, Winnifred Alderson, said of the day “I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and I hope we do another one soon.” Everybody at the home agreed it really reinforced the importance of eating well and drinking healthily.



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