NHS Confederation response to NHS England’s plans for redesigning care


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Responding to NHS England’s announcement on transforming patient care, Rob Webster, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said:

“Today’s naming of 29 vanguard sites, many of which are our members, is to be welcomed.  

“Improving services by helping different parts of health and social care work better together is essential for the future of the NHS. If redesigned services in these sites results in, for example, fewer unplanned hospital admissions, fewer hospital trips and more treatment in people’s homes, then that is good news for patients.

“It is pleasing that clinicians and local leaders have been able to put forward plans for redesigning services in their areas. What works best for patients is care designed by frontline clinicians who are delivering services.

“It is vital that the new models of care being supported here are properly assessed and evaluated, to test their effectiveness. Lessons from these 29 vanguard sites must be shared across health and social care. The fact that more than 260 groups put forward proposals shows the enthusiasm among clinicians to improve services, and we must not lose this momentum.

“The push to redesign services and better integrate health and social care needs to continue apace if we are to address significant challenges facing the health service and to secure a sustainable NHS.”

Dr Amanda Doyle and Dr Steve Kell, co-chairs of NHS Clinical Commissioners said:

“The announcement of the vanguard sites today showcases some truly innovative plans that look to change the models of care and improve outcomes for patients, not just changing organisational structures and models. 

“What these successful bids highlight is the difference that strong clinical leadership, with provider and commissioners working together, can bring to the crucial work of transforming the NHS to ensure we deliver the best care possible for our patients and local populations.”



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