Murdostoun Brain Injury Centre wins national award


Murdostoun Winners-careindustrynewsThe Huntercombe Group’s Murdostoun Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Neurological Care Centre has won a prestigious UK award for its work helping patients with serious brain injury and complex neurological conditions to improve both their cognitive and physical functioning, enabling many people to live as closely as possible to the way they had prior to their injury.


The centre has won the LaingBuisson Independent Specialist Care Award in the category for brain injury rehabilitation (11 March).  The LaingBuisson awards celebrate outstanding innovators and performers in the UK specialist care sector.  The Murdostoun centre has gained a reputation for excellence in intense rehabilitation for people who have suffered brain injury. Patients are transferred to Murdostoun following treatment in an acute hospital to stabilise their medical condition. Many of the patients who arrive at the centre are in a minimally conscious state, cannot control voluntary movements and are prone to involuntary muscle spasm and are unable to communicate.


The centre has a multi-disciplinary clinical team of specialists including a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologists, Speech and Language Therapist, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. Together they manage the cognitive, physical and emotional aspects of each patient’s rehabilitation journey. An audit of the previous three years of admissions to Murdostoun shows that the average length of treatment for patients until their discharge is 23 weeks and that 72% of patients were able to return home, with the others being discharged to another care environment. Lynn McLeish, Director of Brain Injury and Neurodisability Services for The Huntercombe Group, said: “We are all extremely pleased that this award recognises our outstanding clinical team at Murdostoun, although I know that for them the greatest reward and satisfaction is in their remarkable work itself, helping people who have suffered severe brain injury to get back as much as they can of their life and seeing so many make remarkable recoveries to be able to return home at the end of their treatment.”


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