Leading Care Provider champions voting campaign

Matt Fisher, Jonathan Butler, Greg Mulholland MP
Matt Fisher, Jonathan Butler, Greg Mulholland MP

JONATHAN Butler is passionate about politics and voting so when he heard that Yorkshire  MPs were meeting voters with learning difficulties he made sure he was on the agenda.


The Leeds man, who lives at the  Jude Court setting of Harrogate based care provider ubu applied for a place at a special Question Time style event to find out how he could make his vote count on May 7.  Now he is fired up to spread the word among fellow ubu consumers and friends.


Jonathan joined the Connect in the North event in Holbeck to hear from Lib Dem Greg Mulholland and Labour’s  Fabian Hamilton about the different issues and how they would impact on voters.


Supported by Matt Fisher his ubu enabler, he quizzed the two MPs about where they stand on various issues and how he could cast his vote and ensure others got theirs.


“I am eager to learn more about the voting and electoral system and when I heard about this event wanted to attend,” he said afterwards.  “They told us what we have to do and to encourage as many people as we know to vote.  Now I am going to go back and spread the word so that people know how important it is to vote on May 7,” he added.


“I am quite political, and want to campaign to get many of these people jobs, but first we have to ensure they are voting,” he added.


The event was organized by Connect in the North with support from Parliamentary Outreach who want to ensure a many people as possible have their vote and use it.


Greg Mulholland, Lib Dem MP for Leeds North West said after the gruelling day’s questioning: “It is so important to encourage as many people to be part of the democratic process as possible.  In the past people with learning difficulties have been excluded, not intentionally, so I was pleased to play my part to encourage them to use their vote this May.


  1. Thank you for your important coverage of the voting campaign for people with learning disabilities held in Leeds on Friday, titled “Leading Care Provider champions voting campaign.”

    Your article correctly notes that Connect in the North worked with the Parliamentary Outreach campaign to put the event on, but fails to acknowledge the third equal partner.

    Dimensions, the national support provider for people with autism and learning disabilities, not only chaired the event but also provided the vital accessibility expertise to run this successful event. To see more, or register to vote, just visit:


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