Hartwood House residents enjoy a visit from New Forest Owl Studio


Hartford Care-careindustrynewsResidents and staff at residential care home, Hartwood House, in Lyndhurst were delighted to receive a visit from New Forest Owl Studio recently.


On 26th March, Cheryl, a representative from the local bird of prey centre, brought Nibbles, a beautiful brown and white barn owl and Merlin, a feisty baby tawny owl, to Hartwood House in the early afternoon. Residents absolutely loved admiring the magnificent creatures and were given the opportunity to stroke and feed them and watch them spread their wings.


The afternoon was both interesting and informative; residents were able to learn more about the wonderful creatures and how they and their fellow friends are cared for, by listening to Cheryl and asking her questions.


One of Hartwood’s residents, Bob, went on to say “I never thought I would have the opportunity to see and hold such wonderful birds up close, thank you very much for this amazing experience!”


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