Choices Housing announces success in winning a Quality Hallmark Award

Hoveringham Drive
Hoveringham Drive

Hoveringham Drive was among 15 homes from across the UK to achieve the success in winning a Quality Hallmark Award from the National Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Centre, the UK’s largest provider of training in end of life care. Staff from the home received the award at special ceremony at the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) in London on 27 March.

Since its launch in 2004, more than 2,500 homes across England and Wales have completed the GSF in Care Homes Training Programme, enabling significant change. During that time, more than a million care home residents and their families have felt the benefit of improved care, in line with their preferences, and almost a quarter of a million care home staff have enjoyed a sustained boost to their confidence, a new set of skills and a sense of satisfaction in being able to deliver the care their residents want and deserve.

Presenting the awards, Amanda Cheesley, RCN End of Life Care lead, said: “As nurses, we have a huge responsibility caring for people at the end of their lives. GSF training empowers staff by providing them with the skills and knowledge to be more confident in their decisions and in their communication with the people for whom they care. This is helping create a more satisfied and fulfilled workforce delivering better coordinated more personalised care for thousands of care home residents.”

To be accredited, homes have to achieve 20 quality standards, ranging from leadership and support to dignity and respect.

GSF Quality Hallmark Awards are presented to homes that demonstrate real improvement in the quality of care they provide. Many halve the number of their residents dying in hospital as well as halving crisis hospital admissions, leading to greater satisfaction for families, residents and staff and significant cost savings for the NHS. To be accredited, the home had to show that it met strict criteria in 20 different areas, ranging from leadership and support to dignity and respect, as well as submit a portfolio of evidence.

Everyone in the home is involved in regular reviews with the residents. All aspects of their lives are considered including spiritual beliefs, personal interests and care preferences. Staff talk to the residents about their end of life care, giving them the opportunity to make decisions and say what they want. This has helped the residents and their families feel secure that they will be comfortable and their preferences considered at all times.

Maggie Stobbart-Rowlands, GSF Lead Nurse, said the repeated success of these 30 homes demonstrated that GSF provides care homes and their residents with a long term, sustainable care model. She said: “Staff in homes like Hoveringham Drive are the drivers of a real transformation in care homes – delivering the personalised care people deserve as they approach the end of their lives.”


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