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Daniel Tennant
Daniel Tennant

Research shows that using functional rooms- including the toilet-is the second biggest problem for families with a severely disabled child. It also impinges on the child’s self-care skills1.


Yet simple, cost-effective paediatric adaptations could overcome the problems and change the families’ lives for the better. Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s leader in disabled toileting aids, has developed a range of toilet supports that, combined with its top-selling wash/dry Palma Vita toilet, give the child or young adult the ability to go to the toilet with little- or no- help.


The Clos-o-Mat paediatric range can accommodate children as small as 30ins/0.762m, up to young adults. All the accessories have been purpose-designed to correctly position and support the user over the Palma Vita, yet be easily removed to allow the toilet to be used by other members of the family, and changed for other support systems as the child grows, becomes an adult.


Says Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager. “One child in 20 under the age of 16 is disabled- a 62% increase in the past 25 years. We go to the toilet eight times a day: no wonder- as the survey shows- that it has a huge impact on daily life, and is a growing issue for families with disabled children. Our range has been developed to evolve with the child, so potential issues in their learning to use new equipment are kept to a minimum.”


The company’s products and philosophy are proven in practice.


Occupational Therapist Amanda Foye specified a Palma Vita with a Colombia child support system for Sebastian Parkhouse, who has spastic Quadriplegia, cerebral palsy and learning difficulties with global development delay. She elaborates, “The Clos-o-Mat is just one element, but a vital one, in the long-term vision of helping Sebastian be as independent as possible. In the long term he will be able to ‘go’ on his own but even now it improves hygiene for him and his carers.”


Daniel Tennant, aged 5, has upper limb deficiency; he has a Palma Vita with a Rifton paediatric system at home, with the same now installed at his school. Mum Stephanie says, “The Clos-o-Mat allows him to go to the toilet on his own, the same as everyone else.”


Clos-o-Mat’s paediatric range is complimented by accessories for bariatric and adult users, which mean almost 150,000 permutations exist to enable precise tailoring to individual needs, at initial purchase, and as their needs change over time. The Palma Vita is the only wash/dry toilet that can evolve so diversely and throughout its life.


Clos-o-Mat ( is now Britain’s biggest supplier of toilet solutions to maximise people’s independence and dignity, be it at home or ‘away’. Since the company was founded over 50 years ago, in excess of 40,000 of its wash and dry toilets have been installed in the UK, many of which are still in regular use 30+ years after first being fitted. Clos-o-Mat is the only company in its sector that offers, in-house, full sales and technical advice, supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales service & maintenance.



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