Stroke survivor credits recovery to his carer

Mr Moody with his carer Sophie
Mr Moody with his carer Sophie Hood

A former professional footballer who survived a stroked credited his amazing recovery to his care worker whose dedicated care helped him get back to better health.

Barry Moody who is 74, was left with no feeling down his left side following a stroke in 2007 and doctors advised him that they did not expect him to be able to walk again.  Barry was devastated to receive this news having been very independent prior to his stroke and a keen boxer.

Initially his rehabilitation was slow but life began to improve for Barry in 2012 when he started to receive home care from Caremark (Redcar & Cleveland).

His allocated carer, Sophie Hood, calls on Barry three times a day to help with his personal care, his medication, as well as supporting him with other daily living tasks.

Client and care worker have formed a good bond and Barry trusts Sophie implicitly to support him with his daily life and values all the encouragement to keep positive and keep improving.

“The rapport we have built up has enabled me to progress much more quickly and remain happy.  My family and I are eternally grateful for her care and kindness and without her my whole positive attitude would be in jeopardy” said Barry.

Although he spends some time in his wheelchair, Barry attributes his amazing progress to the kind and dedicated care he has received from Sophie, whom he calls “his rock”.  Through her focused care Barry has felt encouraged and empowered and is still able to walk.   In addition he has regained some of the feeling in his left side.

Sophie, aged 21 commented: “I enjoy caring for people and getting such nice things said about you makes the job so rewarding.  I am glad I have been able to play a little part in Barry’s recovery.”

Charles Folkes, Managing Director of Caremark (Redcar & Cleveland) said: “Sophie is a perfect example of the kind of high quality, professional carers we have working for us, and we are delighted that Mr Moody is so pleased with the care he has been receiving.”

Caremark (Redcar & Cleveland) provide care and support for people of all ages, abilities and ethnicities who wish to remain living independently at home.


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