National care homes survey gives RMBI top marks


RMBICornwallisCourt2013 RMBICadoganCourt2013 Prince_Edward_Kent_148Recent results from a national survey show the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution has a high level of customer satisfaction, with an impressive 93% of residents saying they are happy living in an RMBI Home.



In September 2014 RMBI conducted their annual Satisfaction Surveys for residents and their relatives across  17 care homes in England and Wales. Now in its third year, the Your Care Rating survey is the country’s largest and most authoritative survey of care home residents. The nationwide survey gives residents a voice, putting their care at the heart of understanding more about how well care homes perform.

The survey provides helpful insights into the experiences of people using care homes and the information is used to help care providers continually improve on their services.

The term ‘care’ can often attract negativity due to past stories of neglect, abuse and the general quality of life. Care providers that are involved in this survey are committed to making sure that this is not the experience of their residents.  As an organisation RMBI have a strong set of values which they expect every employee to live by in supporting the people who use their services to receive truly person centred care.

Person centred care is a way of caring and supporting people, looking at the world from their point of view, ‘standing in their place’ and appreciating how they might be feeling. This is a very different approach from treating everybody in the same way, and expecting them to fit into their services.

This approach to care was positively reflected in the survey results which reveal 97% of residents agree they are treated with kindness, dignity and respect.

96% of residents are happy with the care and support they receive and 94% of relatives agreed their loved one’s Home is a safe and secure place to live.

Reflecting on the survey results, Edna Petzen, Assistant Director Marketing, Quality & Compliance, said, “We are delighted with the results from the surveys and feel that it is a good indicator of peoples’ satisfaction levels. The results from previous years surveys have enabled us to improve our care planning framework to fully embed a person centred approach. Feedback about different aspects of our service ensures that we can work more closely with residents and relatives to make sure  they are satisfied with the service they receive. We value the time residents and relatives take to give this useful feedback.





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