Client changes his mind regarding former opinion of home care



Customer & Care Worker with water 2A Hampshire couple who were originally reluctant to get home care changed their mind once they started receiving care and support from Caremark (Winchester & Eastleigh), a registered provider based in Eastleigh.

Following a stay in hospital, Dorothy Westwood* was advised that she and her husband would need some extra support to help with her recovery once home.  However, during the assessment process Dorothy’s husband Bill* expressed his distinct misgivings about strangers coming through his front door to provide the necessary care.  The couple had never before been dependent on social care and they were understandably reluctant to take this huge step.

For many people who have previously been independent, accepting outside help can be difficult and naturally raises concerns over loss of independence, control and basic privacy.

However, once the service commenced, their earlier fears began to evaporate with the professional, compassionate care making a difference to their daily living.

Earlier in the week a member of Caremark (Winchester & Eastleigh)’s care team rang Bill Westwood to check that all was well and then to arrange one of the regular home visits.  Whilst chatting, Bill  reflected on his earlier concerns regarding care workers visiting his home.  He observed how quickly Caremark had changed his opinion and went on to say that ‘Caremark is now part of his family’!

Caremark (Winchester & Eastleigh) provide personalized care and support to people of all ages, abilities and ethnicities enabling them to continue living safe and independent lives, at home, where they wish to be.  An important part of their service is providing companionship to those who would otherwise experience loneliness and isolation.

With people continuing to live longer, loneliness is an increasing problem for many and in itself can lead to greater problems such as depression and anxiety.  However, having the support to maintain hobbies and access the community is vital in maintaining quality of life and a sense of independence.


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