Care providers can deliver best value by thinking long-term….


clos-o-mat palma in bonaerCare providers can deliver best value by thinking long-term….

Research shows that 25% of households with a disabled person need a home adaptation, with bathrooms being the most common need; ½million households in need of a modification required some kind of toilet adaptation(1). Alongside that, care assessors know that people’s need change over time, often requiring the initial adaptation to be altered.


“The cost-effective solution if an automatic/ wash and dry toilet is required is a Palma Vita,” maintains Clos-o-Mat sales director Mark Sadler. “Its cost equates to less than 25p/day(2).

It is the only WC of its kind developed specifically for disabled people. It is the only toilet of its kind that can be easily accessorised to evolve to users’ changing needs of time- it has over 150,000 permutations!


“Further, we are the only manufacturer to provide, in-house, commissioning and after-sales service & support.  By commissioning the unit, we can verify it is properly and securely fitted to withstand years of use, especially if transfer from a wheelchair is involved, which inevitably exerts significant loading on brackets and fixings; we can fully explain and demonstrate to the user how it works.


“On the basis that we have Clos-o-Mats still in daily use 30 years after being first installed, the cost of providing the unit works out at less than 46p/day! No other wash and dry toilet on the market has such proven longevity and value for money.”


Looking like, and capable of being used as, a conventional WC, the Palma Vita has in-built douching and drying, eliminating the need for the physical dexterity/ flexibility required to manually clean with toilet tissue. It also means there is no need for carer to help the user toilet, enhancing the user’s dignity and independence.


Clos-o-Mat has over 50 years’ experience in provision of solutions to optimise elderly and disabled people’s dignity when toileting. Over 40,000 Clos-o-Mats have been sold and it is now the biggest-selling automatic toilet in the UK. The Palma Vita is the only automatic shower (wash and dry) toilet not only manufactured in Britain, but fully supported by in-house installation, commissioning and service. It is part of Clos-o-Mat’s range of bathroom adaptation equipment to enable elderly and disabled people to remain as independent, and as dignified, as possible; the range includes a height-adjustable version of the Palma Vita (the Lima Lift), toilet lifters, body driers and height adjustable basins. Full details of its products, service and technical support are available on its website


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