Care provider to push the case for further change to social care

Dorothy Jarvis-Lee
Dorothy Jarvis-Lee

A leading care provider will be pushing the case for further change to social care when it welcomes the Chief Nursing Officer of NHS England  on Thursday February 19.


Jane Cummings will be visiting Harrogate based, ubu support to speak to the chief executive Dorothy Jarvis-Lee and see first hand how the uStep model provides care and  support to vulnerable people.


Keen to see best practice from around the UK, the visit is part of her investigations into how to improve care for vulnerable adults following the Winterbourne View scandal.


ubu help hundreds of individuals with disabilities every day to live a more independent life by encouraging their consumers to achieve citizenship through integration in their local communities.


The model is widely recognised by the NHS, local authorities and other providers as being a beacon of good practice and combines first class support through the provision of unobtrusive, yet comprehensive support in high quality accommodation, in a cost effective way.


Dorothy Jarvis-Lee, Chief Executive for ubu said: “ For 30 years, ubu and uStep has changed social care boundaries when it comes to supporting vulnerable adults. Its consumer-centric nature ensures that vulnerable people are living independently and in control of their own future as opposed to remaining in institutions.


“ubu is proud to be at the forefront of providing innovative support and we look forward to speaking to Jane Cummings on how uStep can play an integral part in improving the health and social care sector going forward.”


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