Time to plan later life and care options before crisis hits


Anchor-Care Industry NewsOnline searches and inquiries into elderly care peak in the first month of the year, older people’s charity and leading care provider Anchor can reveal.

January 2015 has already seen a spike in searches, with Google statistics showing that the use of the search term ‘care home’ has increased by approximately 60% this month compared to December 2013.

These statistics signal an emerging trend in the New Year as Google searches for the terms ‘care home’, ‘nursing home’ and ‘retirement living’ peak, almost doubled from December 2013 to January 2014, as well.

Each January, care providers such as Anchor, see a sharp increase in enquiries into specialist housing and care for older people. Anchor’s website statistics showed a 33% increase in visitor numbers in January 2014 compared with average visitor numbers from the past 13 months. There was a 42% increase between the month with the fewest visits (December 2013) and January 2014. With 2015 seeing the introduction of changes to pensions and social care budgets, Anchor is anticipating even more enquiries.

Jane Ashcroft, CEO of Anchor said: “Christmas is a time when families reunite, often after spending months apart. Family members may notice for the first time that an older relative is struggling on their own and in need of more support.

“This is often a wakeup call for families, who then decide to take action in the New Year, when we see a significant increase in enquiries. We’re urging families not to leave it until crisis point to discuss and plan later life and care options. “

Anchor works with families to help them have sensitive conversations about later life and care options sooner. The charity has developed the Grey Matters guide with specialists to bring together a range of resources to help people look at and think about their options. Visit www.Anchor.org.uk/GreyMatters


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