NHS Failing to Keep Face with Patient Use of Mobile Tech


Integrated Change - CINThe NHS is falling behind when it comes to serving increasingly mobile savvy patients and information seekers. That’s amongst the findings of a new study conducted by Digital Healthcare Agency, Integrated Change.


The study conducted Freedom of Information Requests to several of NHS trusts and found that there has been a 118% increase in mobile visits to hospital websites. Shockingly, though, just 43% of these websites are actually mobile optimised for users on these devices. In other words, fewer than half of NHS websites are presenting their valuable resources in a way that those browsing on mobile can access easily.


Integrated Change founder and Development Director, Scott Hague, comments:


“It’s crystal clear that patients are incredibly receptive to mobile technology. And the NHS has some brilliant web resources for users and plenty of content for those looking for accurate healthcare information. The sheer volume and quality of what’s available freely to users is something the NHS should be incredibly proud of. However, what the NHS is failing to do is to ensure that this wealth of information is available to users in a format that reflects how they’re trying to access it. You could go as far as to say that failing to mobile optimise this content means the investment in maintaining it is wasted for a huge proportion of users.”


The study also assessed the mobile apps made available to patients and users by 159 NHS trusts and found just 15% of trusts had invested in mobile apps for their audiences.


The study went one step further too and interviewed 100 private orthopaedic patients. This series of interviews concluded that almost half would find it useful to be able to make appointments via mobile and access certain information specific to their appointments and treatment.


You can access a full copy of the study at https://www.integratedchange.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Mobile-Healthcare-White-Paper.pdf


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